weird art shit

boringcactus puts weird art shit here sometimes.

Blatant Truths

Blatant Truths is a vaguely poetic experiment I created in January 2017. That was a weird time in my life for a lot of reasons, and I think it's an accurate reflection of where I was at when I wrote it. But I'm not still there. I'm mostly putting it here because I want to put it somewhere where it won't have my real name all over it.

Plus I still like the way it's presented. I think "brutalism" in Web design is categorically just a stupid fad, but here it's vaguely mimetic. If Death Grips made official lyric videos, would they look like this?

No. No, they wouldn't.


"Coherence" is...@infinite_scream fanart, I guess. September 2017. Based on Blatant Truths, but more abstract.

Not To Fit

Not To Fit is a vaguely-poetic-ish thing I wrote in February 2021 while extremely sleep deprived.